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Indefinite Hiatus

Alas, I find myself in an unfortunate position yet again. After trading in one blog for another in the hopes of being able to better maintain a blog on a different topic, I’m now taking on a handful of large projects that are demanding more of my time than I’m accustomed to giving. Thus, to preserve my sanity and my sleep schedule, I am reluctantly giving up on any kind of formal blogging for the foreseeable future.

Wish me luck!


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Grand Opening!

Hello! Welcome to my humble corner of the blogosphere. There’s not much to see just yet, but time should take care of that.

Right, then. On to my mission statement:

P.U.G.S.S. is an ever-growing collection of lessons on the care and feeding of the English language. The tagline to this blog is “Tips for beginning and intermediate writers who want to make a good impression.” While it’s true that good writers tend to break a lot of rules, it’s absolutely essential to know what the rules are first so that they might be broken intelligently. Thus P.U.G.S.S. strives to be not only another resource to help teach the standard rules of written English, but a guideline for how to break the rules in ways that work. […]

Please tell your friends about this blog. Feedback from the audience can only improve things here, whether it’s a debate on the current topic, a suggestion for a new one, or a correction of a *gasp* mistake I made. I am also happy to accept submissions (links, pictures, etc.) illustrating professionalism fail. You know what I’m talking about: “We R serious company, this r serious lak ov copyedditing.”

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